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Therapeutic Thermal Springs Resulting from the Volcanic Activity of Santorini

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The uniqueness of the soil and the water of Santorini derive from its volcanic activity. As a result, there are hot springs situated nearby the islets with the active craters and travellers can enjoy a refreshing and healthy bath surrounded by the volcanic archipelago. This is indeed one of the major attractions in the magnificent island of Santorini, due to the fact that such thermal springs heated by the volcano are not frequent in the world. Since they are combined with exquisite natural beauty and innumerable other attractions around this Cycladic island, nobody can deny their impeccable intoxication!

There are daily cruises to the volcano, where you can see the craters smoking and you can gaze the imposing view to the magnificent scenery. You can arrange for a guided tour and then you will have the opportunity to visit the islet of Palea Kameni and the picturesque bay of Agios Nikolaos. This is where the water reaches above 30 degrees Celsius, thanks to the sulphur and the other minerals and precious elements erupted by the volcano. Once you have dived in the thermal springs, you will instantly feel euphoria and you will realize that this experience is not only extraordinary, but it also leads to your wellness. The cruise boats will leave you relish your bath for a while, before heading back to the shore. Of course, during the cruise to the volcano you can also admire what lies underwater, if you select a boat with glass bottom.

Thermal springs in Santorini will stun you for awakening your senses and making you feel great, while swimming in warm and yet clear waters that have got therapeutic qualities. This is definitely among the things you should add to your to-do list when visiting Santorini!