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Santorini Hotels Architecture

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Santorini is famous for its breathtaking views to the caldera, as well as its volcanic activity and its unparalleled architecture. All Santorini suites & hotels, are structured focusing on plain white lines with details in vibrant colours, such as deep blue of the sea, azure, red or even orange. Our hotel provide top quality facilities and amenities, which are combined with the uniqueness of the colours and the landscapes, along with the affluent sunlight and create conditions of utter relaxation and wellness, ensuring unforgettable vacations.

In Santorini, there is strong antithesis between the black of the volcanic landscapes and the white of the cobbled streets and buildings altogether. There is remarkable uniformity, with the whitewashed walls blending uniquely along with the blue windows and doors of each house. The colours used in the buildings resemble the colours that you will find in the sea and the sky. White waves and clouds become the perfect match of blue waters and sky. In Santorini, what you will find stunning is the almost lunar landscapes that you can admire in the archipelago, the breathtaking caldera and the perfectly shaped and fully organized beaches with the extraordinary colours of the pebbles and rocks.

Perched wonderfully on steep cliffs and overlooking the Aegean Sea, our boutique hotel and suites, provide you with a touch of tradition, amazingly matched with modernity and pure lavishness. Millhouses Boutique Hotel & Suites, is a fine example of traditional architecture in Santorini, offering all the modern amenities to its guests.