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Gastronomy Experience in Santorini

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The island of Santorini is unique, due to its dry climate and the details that have helped in the shaping of the local Gastronomy. The volcanic soil may have started out as a limiting factor to what could be cultivated fruitfully in the island, but in the end it contributed to the amazing local products that gradually became popular and outlined the identity of Santorini. There are flavours that you will not taste anywhere else but here and this is something truly worth mentioning. By having a look at the traditional recipes that are cooked in every household of the island, you will see how the Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean delicacies are perfectly blended with the distinctive products of the mainland.

Starting off with the local products that will catch your eye, we find tomataki or else a variety of cherry tomatoes. This specific medium sized tomato has been brought to the island by Suez and has been growing smoothly, thanks to the land. It has got an intense flavour and it smells wonderfully. With tomataki, the locals can cook tomato balls and the famous Greek salad. It can also be used for producing tomato paste and juice, so as to cover various culinary needs. Another great local food found in Santorini is fava or else yellow split peas. It is exceptionally rich in protein and carbohydrates, making it a truly beneficial choice for one’s meals. You can taste fava in local taverns and restaurants, where you can relish the unique softness in its texture and the heavenly topping of olive oil. Along with these magnificent local delicacies, you can also find kapari (caper), which is a vegetable that adds the spice in all salads. White eggplants are truly delicious vegetables that can be tasted in moussaka or a special eggplant salad. Santorini prides in chloro cheese, which is a special cheese made of goat milk. In addition, anthotyro (ricotta) is used for preparing the heavenly melitinia (sweet cheese pies with herbs and spices) and of course the Greek feta cheese is a prominent choice for both tourists and locals.

Vineyards have been a trademark for the island of Santorini for many years. The most significant variety of grapes that is actually the basis of each type of wine in the area is the Assyrtiko. Wineries are famous for their attention to the detail and for their commitment towards delivering premium quality of wine. Besides the white and red dry wine varieties, you ought to have a taste of Vinsanto. Its name has originated from Vino Santo (meaning the holy wine). It is a sweet dessert wine that demonstrates the quality of the grapes, being left to age for years till the ideal fragrances and flavours are achieved.

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