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Daily Cruises to the Volcano

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Santorini is an iconic island of Cyclades, boasting its distinctive landscapes and exceptional caldera. The volcanic eruptions of millennia have shaped the island and have transformed it into a breathtaking place of natural wonders. As you are admiring the endless blue of the sea and sky from above, the imposing cliffs stretch all around you and the only word that comes to your mind is “awe”. When you visit Santorini, a trip to the volcano is one of the highlights throughout your stay, getting closer to the cause that formed such a startling setting.

The active craters can be reached by boat, so that you can follow the path for a unique experience. The blackness of the soil, the smell of sulfur and the absolute serenity all around compose a fierce location. The boat awaits you, in order to head to the hot springs with the therapeutic waters of sulfur. You may dive there and feel the invigorating experience overwhelming you.

The scenery is heart-tingling, as far as your eyes can see. On board, you can visit the volcanic archipelago and get close enough to take outstanding pictures. You can only dive in the waters of the most secluded beaches of Santorini. And if you feel like it, see that your trip is long enough to last till sunset. If you are sailing during the Theran sunset, you are in for an experience you will cherish for a lifetime. Explore the lunar landscapes of Santorini, admiring the caldera and the special rock formations. The past is unveiled before you and you are most welcome to glimpse at the magnitude of nature!