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Daily Cruises to the Volcano - Mill Houses Suites
Santorini is an iconic island of Cyclades, boasting its distinctive landscapes and exceptional caldera. The volcanic eruptions of millennia have shaped the island and have transformed it into a breathtaking place of natural wonders. As you are admiring the endless blue of the sea and sky from above, the imposing cliffs stretch all around you and the only word that comes to your mind is “awe”. When you visit Santorini, a trip to the volcano is one of the highlights throughout your stay, getting closer to the cause that formed such a startling setting.
The uniqueness of the soil and the water of Santorini derive from its volcanic activity. As a result, there are hot springs situated nearby the islets with the active craters and travellers can enjoy a refreshing and healthy bath surrounded by the volcanic archipelago. This is indeed one of the major attractions in the magnificent island of Santorini, due to the fact that such thermal springs heated by the volcano are not frequent in the world. Since they are combined with exquisite natural beauty and innumerable other attractions around this Cycladic island, nobody can deny their impeccable intoxication!
Indulging in the Luxury and Unparalleled Views of Fira and Firostfani - Mill Houses Suites
Santorini is among the top tourist destinations worldwide, with travellers flocking the island every single year and spending their vacations in the most stylish and majestic manner possible. The island’s capital is named Fira and it is the centre of commercial life and entertainment. This is where you can find the most idyllic views to the breathtaking caldera and the islets of the volcanic archipelago. Perched on steep cliffs, the architecture of Santorini is unique and prides in having exquisitely luxury hotels and stunning views to the Aegean Sea and the immense blue of the sky.
Santorini Hotels Architecture - Mill Houses Suites
Santorini is famous for its breathtaking views to the caldera, as well as its volcanic activity and its unparalleled architecture. All Santorini suites & hotels, are structured focusing on plain white lines with details in vibrant colours, such as deep blue of the sea, azure, red or even orange. Our hotel provide top quality facilities and amenities, which are combined with the uniqueness of the colours and the landscapes, along with the affluent sunlight and create conditions of utter relaxation and wellness, ensuring unforgettable vacations.
Gastronomy Experience in Santorini - Mill Houses Suites
The island of Santorini is unique, due to its dry climate and the details that have helped in the shaping of the local Gastronomy. The volcanic soil may have started out as a limiting factor to what could be cultivated fruitfully in the island, but in the end it contributed to the amazing local products that gradually became popular and outlined the identity of Santorini. There are flavours that you will not taste anywhere else but here and this is something truly worth mentioning. By having a look at the traditional recipes that are cooked in every household of the island, you will see how the Greek cuisine and the Mediterranean delicacies are perfectly blended with the distinctive products of the mainland.
Planning Your Wedding in Santorini and Exceptional Options - Mill Houses Suites
It is only fair that you settle for nothing less than perfection for this unique moment of your life. This is why couples all over the world are in search of the most idyllic place for planning their wedding. Breathtaking landscapes, marvellous buildings and a clear blue sky with the most enchanting sunset are some of the details that can steal your heart away and add to your overall satisfaction. These are the very same details that make Santorini the ideal location for your wedding.
Superb Honeymoon Experience in Santorini - Mill Houses Suites
After the sealing of your love through a romantic wedding ceremony and a jubilant reception, it is now the time you treat yourselves with a memorable honeymoon experience. Many places in the world claim to offer sublime honeymoon packages and luxurious deals for you to indulge in. However, if you truly want to make the most out of your first days as a married couple, it is more of a one-way street for you to walk on. Santorini is waiting to welcome you and introduce you to the most amazing treasures in the world. You deserve to relish every moment of your honeymoon and therefore you should start searching for the ideal package to book ahead.
Learning More on the Volcano of Santorini - Mill Houses Suites
The volcano of Santorini dates back two million years ago and there have been numerous eruptions ever since, which have helped shape the island as we know it. Fortunately enough, ever since the minor eruption of 1950 there have not been any other signs of unrest and it remains quiescent. Of course, everywhere we look in Santorini, the volcano is prominent and the unique landscaping is the most eloquent proof of that. Just gaze through the deepest caldera of the world or identify the pumice, on which the whole island has been structured and you will be stunned.